School Fundraising Ideas – 9 Fundraisers for High School Students

School fundraising helps schools to have the money that they need. Fundraising earnings can be used to cover the expenses of music programs, art classes, field trips or any other expense that your school might have. Keep reading for nine school fundraising ideas that are ideal for high school age students.

Sell Candy Bars

Candy bar fundraisers are an effective fundraising choice for high school aged students. Your school will purchase candy bars and the students will resell them to their classmates and friends. There are many types of candy available to sell including chocolates, lollipops and novelty treats. Your school may even decide to sell healthy treats like trail mix. Candy bar fundraisers are both tasty and profitable.

Sell Garden Products

A garden themed fundraiser can be a profitable fundraising choice during the spring months. Your school fundraising company may have a garden themed fundraising brochure available if you want an easy way to make this fundraiser a reality.

Hold a Car Wash

Car washes can earn a lot of money and require very little investment or effort before the actual day of the fundraiser. When you plan a car wash make sure to sell tickets in advance as this will increase your earnings. You will also need to find a convenient location that has a water hookup available.

Sell Gourmet Foods

A gourmet treats fundraiser will appeal to many potential buyers. If you choose this type of fundraiser find a catalog with many different types of treats. Gourmet candies, soup mixes, cheese spreads and trail mixes are just a few of the many food options that you will find. When you offer a large selection you will be more likely to find willing buyers.

Holiday Gift Sales

The holiday season is a great time for fundraising. Many people are happy to buy their holiday gifts from your school’s fundraising catalog. By buying their holiday gifts from your school people will save time while supporting a good cause. Timing is essential with this type of fundraiser so be sure to order and distribute the items several weeks before winter break starts.

Hold an Art Auction

Art classes and clubs may be able to fundraiser by having an auction of student art. This type of fundraiser allows students to showcase their talent while earning money for the school. Art auctions can be a lot of fun for the students and are a great way to boost self-confidence.

Cookie Dough Fundraising

Everyone loves cookie dough which makes this fundraiser a profitable choice for your school. Try to find a cookie dough provider that offers several types of delicious premade dough. The best cookie dough will be made from fresh ingredients like real vanilla, chocolate chips and butter.

Hosting a School Carnival

School carnivals allow many school organizations and clubs to fundraise together. Several different organizations can plan the carnival together and then each group can raise money using their individual booths. Some schools have a carnival during the school day only for students and others have a weekend carnival for families and community members.

School Plays, Concerts and Other Performances

Your schools theater and music departments can earn money through ticket sales to their various performances throughout the year. This is an easy way to earn money while helping to cover the expenses associated with school productions. Students often enjoy selling tickets to their family and friends.

With these great ideas it will be easy to plan your next school fundraiser. School fundraising is an important way to ensure that your school has the money they need.