No End in Sight For High School Musical

High School Musical Movie is no flash in the dark, teeny bopper, here to day and gone tomorrow fad. The surprises of High School Musical has even the critics talking about how great it is. It is being praised for it’s music and choreography. Parents liken it to their generation’s Grease movie. It is in fact one of the all time best selling movies and soundtracks to be released under the Disney banner. The franchise has produced not one, but three movies. Other spin offs include plays, tours, and books.

The original High School Musical Movie was released in Jan. 2006. It immediately caught on in popularity and tweens everywhere showed their loyalty by buying up franchise products such as lunch boxes, jewelry, albums, video games, and clothing. The plot was quite simple: boy (Troy) is a big basketball hero but he secretly yearns to be in the school’s performing arts group. Boy then meets nerdy girl (Gabriella) who also dreams of being in the performing arts group. Problems arise when the boy bulks to pressure from friends and dad.

The film went on to win many awards including:

Billboard Music Award: Soundtrack Album of the Year
Emmy: Outstanding Choreography
Teen Choice Award: Best Breakout Artist and Best Chemistry
Television Critics Association Award: Outstanding Achievement in Children’s Television

High School Musical 2 lived up to the first in popularity. The premiere brought in over 17 million viewers (almost ten million more than the first). It is the end of the school year and the gang get jobs at Lava Springs resort. The daughter of the resort owner has a crush on Troy and schemes to find a way to break up Troy and Gabriella. Though not as critically acclaimed as the first, High School Musical 2 remained popular and produced the Disney Channel hit song, “Fabulous”, performed by Ashley Tisdale.

The franchise hit the big screen in the fall of 2008 with High School Musical Movie 3. The plot line evolves around the gang facing their fears about life after graduation. The two main characters Troy and Gabrielle deal with the prospect of being separated as each goes their own way.

Disney has taken full advantage of the franchise by creating several spin offs:
High School Music concert tour reached fans in the U.S., Canada and Latin America.
High School Music stage musical has been performed by theatre groups throughout the United States and Great Britain.
High School Musical Ice Tour featured Olympic medal winning athletes.

There seems to be no end in near for the High School Musical franchise. It is rumored that High School Musical 4 is in development with most of the original cast coming back. Meanwhile, High School Musical 3 is breaking box office records in the United States and Great Britain.

Key Committees Every High School Booster Club Should Have

There are several key committees that every high school booster club should have. The heads or chairs of these committees should also serve on and be an integral part of your booster club board. These key high school booster club committees include:

Membership Committee: Your membership committee should be tasked with coordinating your annual membership appeal. This should be one of your few, if not the only, booster club fundraisers each year where you will invite all individuals associated with your program in the most personal ways possible to contribute to the program by making a gift at one of a variety of increasingly generous levels in exchange for appropriate no-or-low cost benefits.

Advertising Committee: Your membership committee should be tasked with coordinating an annual appeal to businesses for sponsorship and/or advertising support.

Merchandise Committee: Your merchandise committee should be tasked with the procurement, promotion and sales of fan merchandise.

Communications Committee: Your communications committee should be tasked with developing and maintaining your booster club website, developing your game or performance-day program, publishing your regular or in-season e-newsletter, publishing your year-end annual report and honor roll of donors.

Volunteer Recruitment Committee: Your volunteer recruitment committee should be tasked with coordinating the development and revision of organizational job descriptions; the nomination, enlistment and election of new board members and your annual volunteer enlistment activities.

Alumni Activities Committee: Your alumni activities committee should be tasked with coordinating the research of alumni and parents of alumni, participation and contact information, an annual alumni game and/or day at the game event and your annual Hall of Fame breakfast, brunch, luncheon or dinner.

Youth Activities Committee: Your youth activities committee should be tasked with coordinating the compilation of a contact list for youth program participants and their parents, youth camps/clinics, and a youth day at the game, meet or performance event.

Current Parent-Participant Activities: Your current parent-participant activities committee should be tasked with coordinating various activities involving current parents and program participants, including your annual orientation meeting and year-end awards banquet.

Game or Performance Day Activities: Your game or performance day activities committee should be tasked with coordinating the staffing of various activities and events on game or performance day such as ticket booth staff, program sales or distribution helpers, ushers, merchandise sales attendants, concession stand workers, etc.

Most high school booster clubs today do not have all of these core committees in place. This tells me that they are falling far short of their reach and potential. So get these key committees in place within your high school booster club right away so that you and the important arts or athletic activity you support can achieve more.